Grilled apricot horn & snail Phu Quoc

Grilled apricot horns
Grilled apricot horns

Grilled apricot horn border is famous specialty of Phu Quoc Island

Besides herring salad, grilled squid, the whistle border tomorrow egg dish can not be ignored when setting foot on the Phu Quoc Island.

Border is a scallop shell shaped screws to close by the first wing, have more meat pasty velvet appetite should not be more preferred. According to people on the island, the most delicious part of tomorrow’s border scallop muscle part connecting the two pieces of shell called a horn. Part of this horn are white, thick and as big around by thumb, sweet and chewy, often processed into a variety of ways such as fried, cooked soup, porridge or grilled.

Grilled apricot horns
Grilled apricot horns

According to the experience of people on the island, to enjoy the full flavor of the wings horn tomorrow, only salt baked peppers, grilled tofu or grilled satay is delicious. Only when grilled, partial re-soaked hunting horn taste salty, spicy peppers bring that delicious taste when eaten once, you will hardly forget.

Making this dish, the work takes the most time is sitting partially removed from the shell horn. Wants a horn section, you must break shells, remove the meat off, use a sharp knife separate the whistle out, thoroughly cleaned and drained. Marinated with chilli apricot horn editor (if not like you can replace them with salt or chili perturbed), mixing truth were to spice company partially absorbed into the horn.

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Taste fragrant, exotic dish is attractive but you can not ignore

Use a sharp stick, whistle through and cooked skewers over charcoal fire. While baking, remember to return all nine were on hand to whistle and not burnt. Bake until it whistles begin to turn yellow and satay aroma emanates as you’ve got good food to sip with friends. Note, do not cook too will not tasty for hunting horn, the dry, hard and lost the sweetness characteristic. To dish tasty, full of flavor, you can enjoy grilled with marinated okra, peppers and salt to eat and cup lemon or lemon pepper and salt.

Phu Quoc has been dubbed the “pearl island southern land” where there is a potential clean sea and more than 1,000 marine species, especially krill. Of these snails are considered specialty you are fishermen and aquaculture operators to export. Snail is not only charming with natural aroma, but also caused many people to ecstasy by fresh meat.

Grilled snails
Grilled snails

As assessed by the grave tone arm cuisine, snail is “the master of sea-shells” and are popular dishes in the restaurant.

Many types of buildings when boiled, although adding lemongrass, ginger, but not the smell kind of snail. Whether boiled snails alone carpentry, building, surrounded by the smell of incense, the smell fragrant pandan ngan, sexy smell diners.

There are many ways of preparing snails vary by talented hands of each person. Some people like to boil, someone like grilled, steamed, fried breaded; others prefer salad or tart tamarind sauce.

Discerning People in Central after walking the few snails boiled fish out of water for our embedded into soft flesh and brittle. Phu Quoc island, many tourists like barbecue and boiled with salt pepper, lemon pepper and salt, or chutney.

Attractive especially when grilled near nine, one for little onion or snail eats oil and continue baking. Thus becomes golden snail cumbersome and smell fragrant, makes it difficult to resist the avidity.

When eating, do gentle “dragged” the original screws, add crunchy mouth leisurely listen, closely, charming, spoiled enjoy delicious smell of meat with the taste of liver Bui Bui’s great buildings. If you have an extra glass of wine concentration for “manual priming” the way of forgetting certain.

Many snail assertive than the other snail species that just delicious, just beat, high nutrient content. When dining, guests should choose the small, sweet and tender meat than older children. Snails cooked delights me is also not to be missed. Building leisurely pieces sweet, sour, spicy, tasty ensure toothache. To be kind, you add several slices of bread on his toes dipped into sour sauce spicy snails, as quiche.

If coming to Phu Quoc Island in the holiday season, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the unique cuisine and the exotic.